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Originally Posted by winton
Just curious, Why do you think LOTR is boring?

I found it to be quite enjoyable so far (Only level 23). Leveling is rather quick doing quests (I dropped some quests since I don't get experience for them.) Character customization is a bit of a grind (specific traits and race stuff depend upon completing objectives like doing moves a certain number of times for class stuff) The world seems fairly large (to me anyway) and I like the more traditional high fantasy art (EQ2 type design haven't played the first EQ so I can't comment).
I was in beta early on(like 6 months ago) and from what I could tell it was severly limited. Character creation was bad. Questing was terrible. The combat was absolutely aweful. The graphics were nice though.

Worst thing about the beta I didn't like was the fact I put in my gamer name "Sarlaiel" and I got a reply basically saying something like "this is not a real name. Instead of typing in random characters please input a believable name". I put in "Tygerwoody" and it went through .

Maybe I'm biased do to the name thing, but Sarlaiel is the name I have used for every game for the past 10 years. I'm not about to change that for some below average MMO.
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