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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I was in beta early on(like 6 months ago) and from what I could tell it was severly limited. Character creation was bad. Questing was terrible. The combat was absolutely aweful. The graphics were nice though.

Worst thing about the beta I didn't like was the fact I put in my gamer name "Sarlaiel" and I got a reply basically saying something like "this is not a real name. Instead of typing in random characters please input a believable name". I put in "Tygerwoody" and it went through .

Maybe I'm biased do to the name thing, but Sarlaiel is the name I have used for every game for the past 10 years. I'm not about to change that for some below average MMO.
They've improved every aspect since beta, which is usually what halfway decent companies do. I'd say your name beef is the silliest damn thing I've ever read though. That's like refusing to play a game just because it won't let you prance around in nothing but a pair of bright pink chaps. Completely arbitrary and nothing at all to do with the game or how it plays.

It's people like you with apparently zero attention span and little nitpicks you exaggerate into full-blown "zomg this game are teh suckz!" that give good games a bad rep.

Not that I think for one single moment that a reasonable opinion would change your mind about it, but I thought I'd throw that out there.

P.S. Concerning your comment about LOTR doing worse than Vanguard: if it never sold another copy off of store shelves it'd probably still end up doing better than Vanguard ever will.
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