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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by 911medic
That's what I'm afraid of. I'll spend copious amounts of time tweaking it, only to go, "Windows was working just as well for me, why did I just go through all this?"

But I really would like a good alternative. And the fact that it's free is, of course, very alluring. The latest builds of Ubuntu seem more user-friendly for someone coming from Windows, if only the gaming were there as robustly as it is in Windows.

I'm also a little leery of dual-booting. I've F'd up my MBR on my own before, and I've heard a few horror stories regarding users who've had dual-boot systems and decided to just go back to Windows, and trying to un-do the dual-boot borked their PCs. That would suck.
I always unplug my windows hdd while installing linux and visa versa. Then change from within the bios. It only takes a second or to longer and saves me from having to go through that repairing the mbr if I bork something.
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