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Default Texture corruption on Quadro NVS 110M (beginning with kernel 2.6.20)

Beginning with kernel 2.6.20 I'm getting graphical glitches on a Dell Latitude D620 which comes with aforementioned Quadro card. Sometimes textures get filled up with lots of small randomly colored rectangles. Especially big textures cause those rendering glitches to appear very quickly (i.e. the flipscreen3d screen saver).

At first I thought that I might have got defective hardware but I could not reproduce this bug with kernels <= 2.6.19, no matter how hard I tried. Also Windows 2000 does not seem to suffer from this bug. I've run various 3D benchmarks to provoke potential overheating but there was no problem. Eight hours of memtest86 (23 passes) did not reveal any errors, either. Also there is at least one other guy who has the same problem (apologies for the cross posting but I think it's better to discuss this problem here at nV News).

I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 with kernel 2.6.20-15-generic and the nvidia-glx-new package (97.55). I could also reproduce this bug both with a vanilla and a vanilla kernel. The new beta driver 100.14.03 does not mitigate problem.

My hardware is a Dell Latitude D620 notebook with the following configuration: Core 2 Duo T7200, 1 GB RAM, Quadro NVS 110M (64 MB dedicated video RAM + 192 MB "TurboCache"), WXGA+ Screen (1440x900)

Steps to reproduce the bug:
  • get an Ubuntu Desktop 7.04 Live CD and boot from it
  • as soon as Gnome has been started open a terminal (Applications/Accessories/Terminal)
  • make sure you have a working internet connection
  • type sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx && sudo nvidia-glx-config enable
  • type sudo depmod -a
  • hit Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to force the x-server to restart (so that the commercial driver is used)
  • either wait 10 seconds or just hit enter if GDM presents you a login screen
  • again, open a terminal and type /usr/lib/xscreensaver/flipscreen3d
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