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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by grey_1
Yes. If you install with both hdds hooked up GRUB (linux boot loader) will alter wins mbr. This is fine if your pretty sure you'll leave it that way. You'll have a nice boot screen come up, you can edit it to have whichever OS you want boot by default.

My reason is only that I love to try new distros, and can't buy a bunch of extra hdd space atm. So I unplug wins hdd, install linux, then plug wins back in. It only takes a sec to boot the one I want from the bios and saves me the trouble of repairing wins mbr if I ruin my linux install.

If your only using one hdd, you won't have a choice obviously. You could only use the boot menu, or make a bootable floppy to boot linux from. Heh, I don't even have a floppy in my rig anymore.
Thanks for clarifying. I have 2 HDDs, so I could do that. But I share this computer with my wife (and occasionally kids), and having go into the BIOS at each boot up to choose the OS will not fly (and I don't want them in there anyway--I do enough damage in there myself). EDIT: Or do you mean I could just leave the Windows HDD as the default and only when I want to boot into Linux would I have to enter the BIOS? As I said, I've no experience w/dual booting, so sorry for the perhaps stupid question.

I do have a floppy drive...but jumping through these hoops to try this alternative is sounding less & less appealing.

Maybe I'm not ready yet.
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