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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by 911medic
Thanks for clarifying. I have 2 HDDs, so I could do that. But I share this computer with my wife (and occasionally kids), and having go into the BIOS at each boot up to choose the OS will not fly (and I don't want them in there anyway--I do enough damage in there myself). I do have a floppy drive...but jumping through these hoops to try this alternative is sounding less & less appealing.

Maybe I'm not ready yet.
I know what you mean. That's not a worry for me as I'm the only one on my rig, the girls have their own.

If you do decide to give it a shot, repairing the mbr if you don't like it is very easy.

In XP, boot from cd, select repair option and type "fixmbr" and "fixboot".

I'm not sure the "fixboot" is even needed.

In vista, boot from dvd and select "repair", I think that's what the option says.

Either way..good luck what ever your decision.
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