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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by evilghost
I can speak from personal experience on a few of the games.

UT2004 - Native Linux port, installer on UT2004 CD, no issues.
Quake4 - Native Linux port,, no issues.
Doom 3 - Native Linux port,, no issues.
FarCry - D3D only, emulation required, 30% performance hit when run through Cedega but does run. It's playable but at the time the intro animation had to be turned off or it would lag.
COD2 - No experience, appears supported by Cedega,
HL2 - No experience, suppored by Cedga,
STALKER - No experience but I remember at one point hearing something about a native port over at Phoronix but I could be wrong.
FEAR - No experience, supported by Cedega,
Well, that alleviates SOME of my concerns regarding my games library becoming useless, as it appears the Linux versions are free and you use your Windows CDs/DVDs for installation. I was thinking I'd have to re-buy (via download) Linux versions of the games, but this appears to not be the case.

Running the games through Cedega is something I'll have to look into, though. The fact that they're just now touting SM2.0 support is a bit disheartening, however.

Thanks for the Ubuntu links, too.
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