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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

WRT your edit - Yes. The only time you would need to access your bios is when you want to boot linux, or switch back to windows. If you were to leave your win hdd as the 1st boot device and not change it for a month you'd never notice a difference.

Fwiw, dual booting this way is extremely painless. Each OS will 'see' the other hdd and OS (although win won't recognize lin) but that's it.

if you were to use the GRUB boot loader, it sets everything up for you, and changing the default hdd is easier than editing a resolution for a game in it's config file.

But here I go getting long-winded.

You can install linux the "bios" way, and never have to change a thing til the time you decide to go in. If you don't like it, it's as easy as opening disk management in wiindows and deleting the linux partition.
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