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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by evilghost
I can speak from personal experience on a few of the games.

UT2004 - Native Linux port, installer on UT2004 CD, no issues.
Quake4 - Native Linux port,, no issues.
Doom 3 - Native Linux port,, no issues.
FarCry - D3D only, emulation required, 30% performance hit when run through Cedega but does run. It's playable but at the time the intro animation had to be turned off or it would lag.
COD2 - No experience, appears supported by Cedega,
HL2 - No experience, suppored by Cedga,
STALKER - No experience but I remember at one point hearing something about a native port over at Phoronix but I could be wrong.
FEAR - No experience, supported by Cedega,
I was just looking at the Cedega site a little more thoroughly and realized you have to pay to subscribe to it.

Wife: Why are you paying for this?
911medic: Because you have to, to play these games on this OS.
Wife: Don't they work just fine on Windows?
911medic: Ummm...yeah, but...
Wife: [walks away, not to be seen naked again by 911medic for at least 2 weeks]
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