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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by 911medic
I see. Are you able to access files on each HDD? For example, if there are pictures or mp3's on the Windows HDD, will Linux be able to see them (and vice-versa)?

Sorry for all the questions. I appreciate your patience.
NP on the questions, happy to help!

Most, if not all current linux distros will see and recognise windows. I regularly pull pics and files from my vista hdd over to my Ubuntu. I would guess mp3s would be the same, I haven't tried them yet.

That does bring up multimedia in linux. For the most part you shouldn't have a problem, but there are some licensing issues there. And there are resonably painless workarounds available. Legal ones at that.

On the OSs seeing each other again, windows won't return the favor . It will see the device, but just labels the partitions as "unrecognised OS".

EDIT: I see evilghost beat me to it.
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