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Default Re: Thinking of trying Linux...

Originally Posted by 911medic
All right, one last question:

The "Live CD." My cursory understanding of this is that I can d/l a CD image, burn it to a disk, pop it in the drive and boot from it (or do I not need to boot from it? I don't remember), and experience the distro without actually installing it, right? But if I want to make modifications (such as installing Beryl), I'll have to actually do the full install, right?

For all my XP knowledge, I feel like such a babe in the woods, here...
Yes, pretty much exactly as you stated. You can make changes to the Live CD but those changes are lost upon reboot. You must boot to the live CD. There are a few caveats with the Live CD such as correct video card driver detection with 3D acceleration/etc.

The installation process is as easy as answering three to four questions. There is an 'install' option on the desktop.

I made the switch about 3 years ago from an exclusive Win32 environment to pure Linux and have really been better off. It's certainly mitigated the need to either empty my wallet or pirate necessary software.
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