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Originally Posted by Becoming
Look I personally don't give a rats ass if you play it or not, but when you say it sucks based on beta (and your outrageously retarded name requirement) you make it sound bad for all the wrong reasons. I guess that's all just too logical for you to grasp though and I must just be a fanboy.

I'm glad you don't like it honestly. I still have hope the LOTR population will be able to escape the 4 to 1 (or greater) retard to intelligent person ratio that WoW has. You not being there will certainly help. Have a lovely day.
You do realize that the name thing was a "joke" right?

I gave my legit reasons why i didn't like the game. I even stated that it was early in beta. Early on in beta I hated Vanguard. After release I liked it alot. I know how beta's work. I've been in more beta's than games I own. I realize LOTR will get better.

Please take your riddlin before you respond.
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if tygerwoody says its bad, its bad.
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