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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
You do realize that the name thing was a "joke" right?
And I'm supposed to know that how? I've seen people claim more outrageous things than that and be completely serious. I apologize for responding to what you typed rather than just reading your mind.

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Please take your riddlin before you respond.
Actually it's called Ritalin. It's cute that the way you spell it is a few consonants away from being a super villain out of Batman though. Between the two of us I rather doubt I'm the likelier candidate for ADHD medication judging by your posts. Thanks for the chuckle in any case.

@ Magus: I'm not sure why you'd be getting bad performance if you aren't using the high res textures, though I can't say I'm surprised given the issues with Vista and games so far. It runs smooth for me with the high res textures and my hardware is no longer close to cutting edge (though still no slouch).
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