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Default Re: What software do you overclock your cpu with (Intel)?

You can't enable overclocking? I thought you said you could increase your fsb in bios and it will not boot?

(I have never used your mobo, not sure what you mean there)
The bios basically has [Host clock speed] : [enable][disable]
Then it has the fsb setting.

If I enable Host clock speed and then just leave the fsb at the default 266, when I reboot it auto recovers. There is a massive 65 page thread about it on vr-zone. It appears to be a conflict between the motherboard and nvidia graphics cards.

Which is why I need some nice overclocking software cause EasyTune5 works great... but its very in your face.

This is from an unofficial FAQ:

[Q] Why can’t I overclock at all?
Symptoms of no o/c’ing at all (may be one, may be all):
Cannot change PCIe bus speed, after changing to anything from Auto the system resets in POST before mem testing.
Cannot change fsb because system resets as above.
Changing any V in BIOS doesn’t make any difference in o/c.
Changing timing in BIOS doesn’t make any difference in o/c

Changing in my mind means ex. 267fsb (stock 266), 265fsb and so on. These are slightly (and more significant) changes which cannot be done. This is not a problem of >450fsb or sth. This is a problem of no o/c at all!
This is not a problem of a fsbwall – this is not for you if you have already overclocked even a 1Mhz!

[A]Your VGA card is probably making MB not to overclock. Try buying some crappy PCI /not PCIe/ VGA 1MB card (or 2, 4 MBs ) and putting it in, booting with only PCI VGA. It worked for me, I could overclock and when I finished I put my 7600GS inside. Everything is working quite ok If not, just try another video card but a different model.
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