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Yeah, my bad. I meant pipe. I would guess that changes would include increased memory bus, additional pipes. Plus the silicon they have got back from TSMC might have given them a clue as to what extras they could include and what didn't work as planned.

The rumoured hardware that they had way back, when the original tapeout supposedly occured may have been the original 6 pipe design and that is what they have designed their drivers and NV30 emulator around. And that maybe where those controversial pictures came from. It woudl also explain why the CEO stated that it, NV30, hadn't taped out after he said it had. Because they had changed the design and the prior version was no longer part of the game plan. Though it would make a V.Nice mid to low range card.

You should have a look at the NV30 OpenGL specs that have just arrived with the new Dets and the NV30 Emulator. Things are definately starting to heat up.
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