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Default Screen stays black: MX-400 problem?


I have a video problem and I can't find the cause, hence this post.
My hardware: Asus A7V8X/AthlonXP 2400+ and nVidia MX-400 videocard.
My problem: Up from Solaris 8 (or earlier even) till 10 1/06, Solaris works fine. However, from 10 6/06 on, Solaris refuses to boot properly. What happens is that, on boot, I see the monitor getting off sleep (led turns green), but I don't see anything on screen. No matter how long I wait, nothing happens.
I asked Asus, but apart from a BIOS upgrade, they say they don't support Solaris anymore. End of story, while I bought this systemboard upon their recommendation for Solaris in the first place.
So now I ask anyone here: is this problem anyhow familiar and how can I solve it? Is this indeed a problem related to the MX-400?

Thanks for any help.
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