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Default Composite and DamageEvents

Dear All,

after getting fed up with my ATI9250 cards performance with Composite and GLX in general, i decided to try Nvidia.

got a XFX5200, installed the FreeBSD driver 9755 and stuff was much much better. got Composite running at a decent rate. got GLX running much better, enabling TwinView was a breeze.

but, there seems to be an issue with Composite and DamageEvents.

1. if i disable Composite, i get 1950 fps out of glxgears.
2. if i enable Composite and enable DamageEvents only the first frame seems to be rendered and glxgears hangs ( so does googleearth ). so it seemed: glxgears is actually rendering at 0.5 fps.
3. if i enable Composite and disable DamageEvents, glxgears gets about 500fps, but is is choppy about once a second.

this was first tested on 6.9.0, and later on 7.2. the results seem identical.

so, are Composite and DamageEvents mutually exclusive? that's odd considering the description of DamageEvents.

furthermore, the Makefile could use:

.if ${X_WINDOW_SYSTEM} == "xorg" && version > 7.0??
sed -i -e 's|lib/modules|lib/xorg/modules|' \
../x11/driver/Makefile \
../x11/extension/Makefile \

then i went on and tried to install the beta x86-100.14.03, to see if that would help with the DamageEvents:

problem 1:
the Linux-pkg0-version is not downloadable from the specified link. you end up with the pkg1-version.
problem 2:
although i downloaded the pkg0 version and pkg1 version, neither would be accepted by the script: version mismatch. why make us testers jump through these hoops? is it too much trouble to upload a complete .tar.gz?
problem 3:
after i removed the version-check from the script and did build the driver, it crashed.

this is all on 6.2 BTW. is it very hard to rebuild the driver for 6.2, eliminating the need for compat5x?


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