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Default Re: geforce 4 mx and flat panel

Originally posted by elektrohirn
hello, i've got a mainboard with nforce2 and integrated geforce 4 mx and i have a samsung flat panel attachted to it (with vga, no dvi). the problem is, the display is much too bright, even if i set the brightness and contrast on the monitor to the lowest level it's still too bright. the colors look over-saturated, grey becomes very blueish-greenish. under windows, i can adjust brightness/contrast/gamma in the nview tool, how can i do this in linux?

This is something I don't understand with the nvidia linux drivers... There have been so many versions now, and while, as you correctly tell us, this brightness/contrast/gamma control is possible under windows, there is STILL NO SUCH BEAST in the linux drivers!?

Why does nvidia not implement this feature for linux as well?

Under linux (X), there is not much you can do, there is xgamma, but this only changes gamma, not brightness, nor does it change contrast.

At least, there is some new tool called "xbrightness" which allows for reducing the overall brightness. Check it out. My impression, however, is that it changes contrast instead of brightness, but changing contrast is even more useful than being able to change brightness, in my opinion.

So this may be of some help to you.

Still, it would be really cool, if nvidia finally gave linux people the same detailled control as it is available to windows people (brightness - contrast - gamma, all as separate and independent options). For windows, the situation is even better due to powerstrip (shortcut controls of brightness, contrast, gamma, even from within games!). But powerstrip is not free, and the nvidia driver controls are (basically) sufficient.

Once again:
Why not (finally) for linux?

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