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Originally Posted by radekhulan
People getting *any* warez SW should go to jail. Without warez, we would get much higher quality SW, especially games, as spending more money on them would pay-off for companies producing them

Anyway, in most countries stupid teenagers cannot be arrested (what a pity), and grown-up people usually buy their SW..

But if some companys had a version of there software that was affordable for a single non commercial licence or something, im sure some software like photoshop would have alot more people that actualy buy it. I love photoshop and would love to be able to afford to support it. But I dont have the budget. Neather does probably 50% of the people that use its software.

I do own both 2-3 copys of 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Vista Ultimate.
I do think its wrong to use cracked software. But I also think some companies could make alot more money if they had something setup for non-business, or personal use, users.

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