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Originally Posted by morethanonecode
But I also think some companies could make alot more money if they had something setup for non-business, or personal use, users.
Unfortunately, no. Warez is a mentality, a mentality of a thief. Even if Photoshop CS3 would cost $50 (and not $1500), they would rip it and download it and share it... There is no low price that would satisfy them, these low creatures simply want to be thiefs, they truly enjoy it, as it makes their miserable lifes "richer"... They can already now purchase very decent Paint Shop Pro for $50, or get free Picassa for photo processing, but they would die not having Adobe CS3 Suite on their HDD installed. Poor creatures..

And it applies to games as well. I have heard many times "That was a really stupid game, huh, good I did not buy it (but dowloaded)". So I ask him "Did you play it all / the whole game?" .. "Of course!!!" is always the answer. These creatures lie to themselfs, poor little beings, while stealing everything they can..

Believe me, gaming would be much better without warez creatures
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