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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
ahh.. kids
Look Mr. Woody, I appreciate that we have differing opinions on this game (and obviously other things), but lets not piss all over this thread please.

For the record "kid", I am 28 and have two children of my own and don't appreciate being patronized by someone who can barely seem to communicate in english. I really hope you enjoy the attention this quote will seemingly give you, but from here on out I will no longer be replying to anything you post.

Most mature gamers with lives (jobs and famly, etc..) seem to enjoy LOTR online, but tastes vary. I am sorry you don't seem to fall into any of those groups, but that's ok. Ke sera and all that jazz.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

P.S. I've heard from some people that upper 20's content can be hit or miss so far, but hopefully the upcoming content in June will make it less of a struggle. I'm not sure myself since I've been working a lot lately and have alt-itis (meaning I have no characters quite high enough yet to feel the burn), but I'm excited to see what they'll be adding next month.
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