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Default Re: Texture corruption on Quadro NVS 110M (beginning with kernel 2.6.20)

Looking through the forums, I stumbled across following threads which describe very similar problems:

Like me, the user lloeki has been getting this error since kernel 2.6.20 whereas previous versions did not trigger the bug. According to these threads, following cards seem to be affected:
  • Geforce 6200 Go
  • Geforce 7400 Go
  • Quadro NVS 110M
These cards have something in common: They all have TurboCache in their feature list. Maybe something interferes with the mechanism that maps texture data into system RAM? Is it possible to disable that TurboCache thing for testing purposes?

I've uploaded a video of the Flipscreen3D screensaver which triggers the bug really fast so that you can get a picture of it:
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