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Exclamation 8800 series card + X-Plane = NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 30, L1


Although there is already a big "NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 30, L1" thread, I wanted to start a new one, after now there turned up some more people, who have the exact same problem as I do.

We are talking about a freeze of the X-Server when playing X-Plane (OpenGL flight sim), and often (but not always - depending on how fast the freeze occurs) logging in /var/log/messages:
May 18 22:04:13 phobos kernel: NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 13, 0003 00000000 00005097 00000934 ffffffff 0000000c
May 18 22:04:13 phobos kernel: NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 30, L1 -> L0
First, in an eMail conversation with NVidia, they suspected, that it is a problem specific to my hardware/software environment. Now it turns out that there are - already - two others, with different hardware and also differences in software, who can reproduce the problem when using X-Plane. The only common ground is, that we all have an 8800 series card (I have 8800GTS 320MByte, and the others have a 8800GTX and an 8800GTS 640MByte - so all flavors represented) !!! At this point I have to state - before NVidia suspects a fault on X-Planes side - that before (only 1-2 months ago) with my 6600GT (128MByte) card I never ever have seen this problem (though, flying hundreds of hours!). Nor are there any know reports about this issue - as far as I know - from users other than with 8800 series cards.

Now to the details. The problem has shown it's ugly face the most time in X-Plane. Earlier I thought it was an absolutely random issue, but after many experiments it turns out, that it must be bound to a specific constellation of data (scenery) in the rendering pipeline. Because there are some situations, where we can easily reproduce the bug, without much fuss. It seems to correlate with:
  • start up at specific airports
  • time of day set to "sun rise" (obviously a specific situation for rendering)
  • mostly highest rendering settings (will post a list below)
The suspicious airports - for all X-Plane users - are:
  • WN76 - switching to outside view and rotating around the plane brings the freeze
  • WA66 - switching to outside view and rotating around the plane sometimes brings the freeze
  • DAOI - starting, taking off, and the turning in the direction of the rising sun brings the freeze
All in all, my experience shows, that the best situation to reproduce it is, to turn the view in the direction of the sun (this sounds like it is some shading problem). And until now my best - and 100% reproduction - candidate is airport WN76 which always brings the problem in the outside view.
There is also one more observation from my side: in many cases I can see rendering glitches, before the freeze happens. In outside view this means, that suddenly all the ground textures begin to disappear, and the rendering becomes sluggish. Sometimes, the sim manages to recover (when the outside rotation is stopped immediately) and in those situations - with some luck - X doesn't freeze. In this situation one should already see a bunch of new NVRM:XID messages with dmesg. This is also the best case - a tip for others - to create the nvidia-bug-report, as you are still in the same X session in which the problems occurred. Though, sometimes the computer already freezes up and I have noticed that the freeze - at the same airports - can come so quickly, that there isn't even a NVRM:XID message in the log (this is the worst case).
I have also made the additional observation, that lowering rendering settings - thus reducing the pressure on the 3D hardware - can make the issue disappear, so for those who try to reproduce I highly recommend to go with very high settings (I will attach my settings).

Finally some words about my hardware/software/config (for NVidia, before you ask the standard questions - which has already been done in mail and checked):

  • Core 2 Duo E6600 CPU (not overclocked)
  • MSI P965 Platinum mainboard (with latest official BIOS)
  • 4 GByte Corsair Memory (tested with memtest86+)
  • GForce 8800 GTS 320 MByte
Software and configs tested:
  • Kernel: 2.6.20, 2.6.21 (X86_64 - in 64bit mode), different compiles (with different scheduler settings and so on) tested. Currently at 2.6.21.
  • 1.0-9775 and 100.14.03 drivers tested
  • Tested with and without COMPOSITE extension
None of the above configs and kernel changes made a difference for the bug! And I'm almost sure, that they will not, as now I have the reports of the two other users, who experience the same issue. One of them has just posted - and I hope he will repeat all his infos in this thread - here:
(as we see, he uses an 2.6.19 64bit kernel)
Another one I have only mail contact, and he is already verifying/reproducing the problem too on his side. He has, by the way, an 2.6.18 kernel in 32bit mode.

So I see very different configurations, but every one of them has the same issue. This very much seems to point to problems with the current drivers + 8800 series card.

Now I also attach - although I have sent some of them to NVidia before per mail - nvidia-bug-reports, and a text file with all my settings in X-Plane, which help to reproduce the issue (and also one of the situations files, which start you at WN76)! For 8800GTX users it is maybe recommended to even push a bit further by setting 8x anti aliasing.

I ask everybody, who has an:
  • 8800 series card
  • X-Plane 8
to try to reproduce the problem (as we are already 3 who can - more or less - it shouldn't be a big problem).

And NVidia, please help us help you to pin (and hopefully fix) this issue. If you had X-Plane 8.60 with Global Scenery, you should already be able to reproduce the issue with the informations I supported.


Andras Fabian / alpilotx

Please only post your NVRM:XID problems here, if you use X-Plane, or have an absolutely similar issue with 8800 series card. Thank you!
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