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Default Re: p5b + e6400 + 2gb corsair never been clocked :(

Ok , I just went ahead and set ddr speed to the lower than ddr800 setting (647 or something I cant remember) then pushed up the fsb up so its back at ddr800 so the ram is at stock, so the cpu is running at 2.56ghz, vcore left on auto for now,

Speedfan is showing idle cpu 37 Core1 40 core2 39 -+3 degrees fluctuating
Am I safe temp wise, to load the cpu or is it a little too warm
edit; just ran vista experience index thing and core1 went up to 50 during the cpu test, this seems too hot

Does auto vcore push up the voltage needlessly ,I see you run at 1.35v for a much bigger oc, mine says 1.38v on auto IDLE

Another edit , Whats the vdroop mod thing this guy is talking about... (the this months winner)
(4ghz e6400 with phase change nice)

Edit, Im trying stock voltage now, vcore 1.29 (vdroop 0.03 ish) cpu 2.6ghz idle cpu-33 core1-35 core2-35,I need to put a fan on my nb
Havnt loaded yet but i'll probly get a bsod.

My cpu is only unlocked for 6,7+8 not 10 ,thats a downer I think.

I got a memtest error at about 80% last night @ ddr800 ,Probably a lack of voltage(left on auto) or overheating the nb ????

Any chance you could point out the hot spot.. (what makes that group of vrm's at the top(with the sink) more important than the ones on the side?

Also ive read that pushing the pci-e clock up too much mucks up the sata controller causing data corruption ,would sinking it help that.
My expected answer is "just do it ya big nancy" Im such a wuss (2.6ghz oc meh)

ANOTHER THING, Is it easy to pop the cap off the nb so I can put a fan on there?

More Edit:- Going from 2.6 to 3.2 has made zero diffrence to load temps(max 44),

Although the vcore is 1.31v ,I should expect to be unstable with it that low??

I guess thats down to the individual cpu though isnt it.

Cut from some thread:---The revision B2 E6400 could run 3200 MHz reliably at a default of 1.325 volts. Some people over volt their cpu when maybe it's their northbridge or memory that could use a little extra voltage. end quote
I got a b2 so thats ok
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