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Post Re: 8800 series card + X-Plane = NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 30, L1

---- Copy/paste from another thread, in order to gather all the informations in a unique thread -----

Originally Posted by alpilotx
Mine too, mine too. I have a Core 2 Duo machine with 8800GTS 320 MByte, and in the "game" X-Plane (it's the best flightsim which also supports Linux by the way - I have every now or then the freezes. The usual: "NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 13" issue in dmesg. And i also seem some graphical glitches before the freeze happens (or sometimes the driver seems to manage to save the situation, and it doesn't freeze, but already logs the NVRM messages). Even better, I have found a specific situation (settings and a specific airport to start flying), where I only have to switch to external view, and I immediately get the flickering/freeze. So, I already have a way to reproduce it. But NVidia only answered 8after I opened a BUG via eMail), that they can't reproduce it (I doubt, they even have X-Plane - so why do they say that???), and this seems to be specific to my environment.
But now I will try to refute their statement - that it is specific to my environment - with the help of another X-Plane user. He has an 8800GTX and a fairly different system (AMD instead of Intel etc.), but has already seen - one or two times - the same freeze (and has the NVRM messages in his log!). Now I hope, that with my directions, he will be able to reproduce the bug too. Then it can't be specific to my system ...

I have what seems to be the same problems you have with X-Plane (btw, thanks for your tremendous work ), i.e. : Many Xid lines that appears in the system log, which lead to a total freeze of X11, and then a kernel panic.

Nevertheless, juste before the kernel panic, I managed to launch the script, using a serial console, and get the result file saved.

My machine setup, is different and actually is :
- Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe (so it's an nForce4 chipset) motherboard with latest bios (1016)
- AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
- 2 GB of RAM (4 banks)
- 1 x Leadtek 8800 GTS with 640 MB VRAM onboard
- 1 x 500W S12 Seasonic PSU

I'm using a Gentoo Linux 64 bits setup.
I'm using a 2.6.19-gentoo-r5 kernel and Nvidia driver version 100.14.03.

Btw, alpilotx, can you try to takeoff from DAOI (El Chelif, or something like that in Algeria) between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM ?
When I do that, most of the time, the Xid scenario occurs and ends in a kernel panic.

Do you have the same symptoms/problem ?

Other than this case with X-Plane, I have several other times where the Xid error problem appears, most notably when playing multiple videos at the same time, while using Beryl. I'm preparing a complete setup to help Nvidia support reproduce it.

This bug must go into oblivion, now.
And I will do all I can to make this happen.


--------------- End of Copy/Paste -------------------------------------

Some news:

I went on a memtest86+ that revealed nothing bad.
My processor is not overclocked.

And, I'm ** nearly exactly ** in the same situation as alpilotx is : Before using my 8800 GTS 640 MB graphic card, I was using an MSI 6600 GT 128 MB graphic on the ** SAME ** machine (well, the PSU is new and was chosen to provide a secure supply to the new gfx card ) I'm using now. And X-plane worked flawlessly during countless hours of flight, "around the world".

Now, I will run the same tests alpilotx ran, to see, if the same tests lead to the same consequences.

I'll post the results of my tests tomorrow, I think.
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