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Default Re: possible sync issue with 1080i content @ 1080i

Originally Posted by asdere
As to you saying others have successful working 1080i content on 1080i output, I have yet to find one person to do so successfully under certain conditions such as 1080i content via 1080i DVI. Some combination of using the older drivers with VGA output with a VGA->Component converter works fine, but 1080i over DVI has never worked 100 percent.
I have to agree from everything I've been reading. I just finished building a new mythtv system connected to a RPCRT Hitachi 51F500 via DVI. I'm using a 7100GS card with the 1.0.9755 drivers on a Gentoo system.

After adding the Option "UseEvents" "True" to my xorg.conf and enabling OpenGL vertical sync in MythTV I got my 1080i artifacts reduced very significantly, but still not quite good enough for me to disable deinterlacing. With 1080i content, anything that pans fast can get really bad.

It's really a shame...this is pretty much the only flaw I have in a really great (and expensive) system.

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