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Default Re: PS 3 Or standalone Blue-ray player

Originally Posted by Amuro
Maybe later on there will be a software update that will support bit stream audio over the HDMI port.
I thought it could do bitstream over HDMI...

I just use dolby Digital to my Z-5500's and it sounds pretty good. I'd have to imagine you would have to have a pretty expensive speaker setup to really be able to notice a big difference anyway.

The PS3 works great, although there is one thing that is lacking, and that is that the only type of remote input is bluetooth. (Which I have that remote and it is pretty nice) However, it just got me thinking that I have a PS2 controller / USB adapter, and you might be able to use a PS2 infared remote reciever to be able to hook it up to a harmony remote. I'll have to try that sometime.

It's funny that everyone mentioned that it also plays games too. I have 4 or 5 games for it, but I spend more time watching movies using it than I do playing games.
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