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Default Re: Official Two Worlds discussion thread

TWO WORLDS Update 1.3 Change log

SP and general Fixes:

Alchemy - exploit removed
Shops - proces exploit - fixed
Objects stacking - parameters changed.
Deadly piruett skill - fixed
Knock down skill - fixed
Stability skill - fixed.
Stealing skill > 100 - fixed
Dead hands spell - level fixed.
Kit Rae weapon names - fixed
Shooting from water - enemies don't reacting - fixed.
NPc reaction for stealing - fixed
Weather behaviour (rain from blue sky) - fixed.
Sliding/walking on the walls - fixed.
Death from jumping from high altitudes - fixed.
NPCs walking through palisades - fixed
Logical problems in quests - fixed.
Incorrect bonuses on different equipment pe: "Double Blade skill" bonus on a shield - Fixed.
Stealing inside closed houses - fixed
Horseriding map in second town -fixed
Killing citizens with horse - fixed
Huge arrows on monsters - fixed
Minus values for attack and defence for high Dexterity values - fixed
Weapon stats not refreshed after stacking on character - fixed
Crash when attacking sister - fixed
Sneaking with shield -shield position -fixed
Alchemy bug - creation of empty potions - fixed
Faster looting animation
Cooking one object - blocked.
Recooking cooked potions - blocked.

MP Fixes:

Multiplayer lag problem - fixed
All skills available in multiplayer from start - fixed
All skills unlocked in multiplayer -fixed
Friendly fire in Arena modes - fixed


Tooltips for damage and protection types added.
Tolltip for gold icon added.
Gandohar/Reist/Kira - invulrenability added
Stealing skill - list of stealed objects - added
Faster running speed on roads - added
Water splash - added
Mouse buttons configuration - added
Second key mapping for each activity - added
C - F1
I - F2
M - F3
L - F4
G - F5
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