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Hmm...I don't think I'll buy it, but you never know...My buddy key is almost up and I've only been to level 6....The game just doesn't grab me...I was really hoping it would, due to the Vanguard fiasco. I was looking for something to do until Sony
A) Destroys it
B) Fixes it
As for LOTRO, I can't put a finger on what I don't like (and all my MMO friends are digging it)...Some of that might be the graphics (I downloaded the beta client and updated that with a buddy key, so I assume I'm on the low res textures)...It ran fine maxed, but didn't look all that great...A bit too cartoony for me (not as bad as WOW though)...Sigh...I might be going to back to EQ2...I hear they've done amazing things with that game...HURRY UP AOC!!!

**EDIT** @ MAGUS - did you try the beta? If so, could you tell me the differences between the low rez and hi rez clients? No offence to anyone else, but I just wan't Magus's opinion, as I know his tastes pretty well...

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