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Just an update:

Installation went fine. Ran 3DMarkSE. 4805 Marks, which is pretty close to what i had originally. However, im on a Celeron 566@953Mhz, and i KNOW i'm processor bottlenecked. However, I know that the nature test increased from 17fps to 31. Also, spikes in the Max Payne lowres went from 90fps to 118. I forgot about benchmarking before changing drivers (Doh!) but it's all good.

I do have a problem though. I seem to have 1/2 a screen. Meaning, that the Windows XP Professional: For Testing Purposes Only has been moved to halfway down the screen. All programs Maximize to halfway down the screen as well. all web browsers exibihit this behaviour as well as all windows open. Doesn't seem to affect Gaming, but it's annoying nonetheless.
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