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Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I haven't personally seen what the High Res Textures look like yet but I've been told its significantly better then the low res and I believe it. The Low Res look worse then EQ1 Luclin textures...

As for the game, I have been playing for 3 days so far and well its not that good. It tries to be very quest oriented like WoW but fails to give teh open aspect of having the ability to gring. The world seems pretty controlled. Im gonna keep playing till my Buddy Key goes but I don't think I will want to buy the game unless it really hooks me.

I think im gonna go back to Planetside and WoW till something comes along again...

Planetside is awesome, i wish it wasn't dying out. I played a couple years ago, that game was so much fun. But now i hear the biggest battles are like 15 players. I hope something similar to it comes out eventually

I was thinking about getting LOTR-O but after some opinions im not sure
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