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Originally posted by Richthofen
that is what i did.

I uninstalled the previous drivers, did a reboot and after that i installed the new Detos 40.41.
But when i try to klick on advanced options in the display settings the whole panel just quits.
So i uninstalled the 40.41 did a reboot again and installed my old ones.

Gues what?
Now i have the same problem with my old drivers.

What the hell is that?
Any idea?
I got that problem. I uninstalled the drivers (from the Add/Remove Programs dialogue), then rebooted. When Windows tried to detect the VGA card, I told it to skip it. Then re-installed 40.41 and rebooted again (twice actually), now the control panel seems to work OK.

Well, that's what worked for me anyway.
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