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Default Re: Texture corruption on Quadro NVS 110M (beginning with kernel 2.6.20)

Just to verify that the right kernel module has been loaded: Do you have both uninstalled the nvidia-glx-new and the linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-15-generic package? The latter package has a strange mechanism to load the nvidia kernel module. It contains three different versions of it (nvidia_legacy=71.84, nvidia=96.31, nvidia_new=97.55) in form of object files which get linked to the final .ko-modules everytime the system starts. These modules are copied to /lib/modules/2.6.20-15-generic/volatile/ under the names nvidia_legacy.ko, nvidia.ko and nvidia_new.ko. The file /etc/modprobe.d/lrm-video causes modprobe to load the nvidia kernel module through the script /sbin/lrm-video.

Depending on the existence of either /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_new_installed or /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_legacy_installed this script either loads nvidia_legacy.ko or nvidia_new.ko (or nvidia.ko if none of the aforementionend files exist) into memory.

This may cause that a home brew kernel module won't be loaded. To be sure that the right module is loaded verify that the restricted-modules package has been removed and that none of mentioned files in /lib/linux-restricted-modules/ exist.

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