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Hardware :

Dell D820 with an NVIDIA 7400 Geforce Go PCI-E card.
Kernel versions : 2.6.20 (patched with suspend2 to, 2.6.21 (patched with suspend2
Driver versions tried :

8776 (Debian Etch/Lenny), 9631 (Debian Experimental), 9755 (NVIDIA stock driver) and beta 100.14.03 (NVIDIA stock driver).

Upshot :

ACPI Suspend to RAM (S3) works with nvidia, nv, (USB / HAL do not come back alive)
Suspend2 hibernate works with nv, occasionally losing the mouse pointer upon resume.
Suspend2 hibernate works from text mode (after stopping kdm and unloading nvidia driver).

Problems :

Nvidia binary drivers do not hibernate. One success out of about 100 attempts. Never was able to repeat it with unchanged settings. Did not hibernate successfully after resume.

Symptoms :

Upon initiating hibernate, the laptop acts normally until the display is switched off and all hard disk activity has ceased. At that point, the laptop does not power down unless I do a hard reset. The Bluetooth and power light is left on. Disabling bluetooth (using the hardware switch) before hibernate makes no difference.

Upon rebooting, all filesystems are fsck'ed/restored from journal as if they had been unmounted uncleanly.
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