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Default Re: TV-Out detection problem (DVI-HDMI)

Well, I found a solution for my issue... It was the cable, I bought a new one to test and it worked again.
(before changing the cable I switched of the forced tv detection and switched off both my PC and TV)
It's still kinda strange... because my 'old cable' is gold plated, very high quality, only 5 months old and neatly tucked away against and through the wall without any sharp bends or 'stress- areas'. Never had an unexpected power failure or computer/tv ****ups, never came in contact with water of any kind and suddenly... no TV anymore...
Beforehand, I did all the tests crazytore did (my system's practically the same as his too) and I also tried an Svideo-SCART adapter with several of my TV's scart inputs but still nothing...

I'll let my old cable rest for a while and test it again.
I don't know if this could be caused by some sort of static charge buildup or other feedback or something?
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