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Originally posted by pelly
IQ hasn't really been an issue as of late, as NVIDIA has really come on-track and is on par with their competition.......I'd be surprised to see NVIDIA release a driver with decreases in performance.

Score increases mean ( to me ) that I am getting extra mileage out of my purchase. Essentially, you are getting a free upgrade.

Umm, not necessarily. No one said the performance will decrease. What I did write is that performance increases mean nothing until IQ has been carefully examined (double-checked). IQ has been an issue as of late because there's been strange changes in the texture LOD from driver to driver (strange in my mind since these changes certainly shouldn't be occurring on an architecture this mature and on the market for this long). Moreover, 3DMark scores really mean very little since there's no enforced IQ baseline in the benchmark itself. . .users are free to tweak and twiddle anything under the sun.

Having said the above, as a GF4 owner I definitely hope there is a substantial performance boost with no IQ loss in all games. But I'm just a wee-bit skeptical that a real 25% boost can be pulled out this late in a product's lifespan.
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