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Default Re: Nobody Wants EU Version Of Vista

Originally Posted by Butter Bandit
Bah, of course not. The whole anti-trust shenanigans were coughed up by a bunch of liberal wankers who know nothing about the software industry.

While I certainly don't consider myself to be some sort of Microsoft fanboy, the whole media player anti-trust thing just came off as Microsoft getting bullied by the EU to me.
Indeed (minus some of the unneeded name calling).

I'd like to know exactly how Microsoft including a media player with windows takes away a consumers choice to use something else. It's not like MS bundles their media player with windows and then makes it so you can't use anything else. If somebody wants to use another media player then they have a choice to, if they are happy with what's included with windows then they can stick with that.

It's all a bunch of nonsense.
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