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Thumbs up Well well! real world benchmarks

Like everyone else has said, you need to go into Add/Remove and choose Nvidia Display Adaptors (mine was 140meg!) and remove everything, right back to VGA driver. Then reboot and choose the Nvidia 40.41 drivers.

I was sceptical at first about the performance but my two benchmarks (quake2 and rtcw) give me a good idea how a driver performs and 40.41 is a keeper!.

p3 + geforce3 ti200

I tried quake2 @ 1024x768 32bit demo1.dm2

I tried rtcw @ 1024x768 32bit checkpoint
30.82= 77fps
40.41= 87fps is the benchmark I use for testing out the new display drivers. You will need to rename the extension to dm_59 for wolfmp 1.33. I have a bench.cfg in my wolf\main directory which basically does this to save time typing..

timedemo 1
demo checkpoint
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