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Originally Posted by tornadog
my buddy key expired yesterday and I was ready to give up on this game. But I got an invite to a kinship and playing is more fun now. The solo questing was getting to be a pain. One of the main reasons why I hate any single player rpg like plague!!!!
thats why most of the quest require a group to complete in lotro
at least later on lvl 15+
in the start its mostly q you can finish on your own to get a feel for the game but later on you must have a group 70% of the time and everyone else is searching for a group so it is easy to get one. And even better if you are in a kinship.

Its ALOT more fun than WoW in WoW you are on your own 90% of the time

the fun in lotro doesnt start until lvl 15 so if you have played only 10 lvls or so then you havent actually tried the game.

I love it and its the best mmorpg out now and I have tested almost all of them. WoW was the best until Lotro came out, now it bitchslaps WoW all over.
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