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Default Re: Building a shopping cart

Originally Posted by ViN86
the way i would do it... (cheap and quick, like Gib's mom )

1. MySQL database to store info on products
2. PHP front to display data, and you can store the cart contents in either a cookie or in a session variable

idk how to make the credit card/paypal thing... sorry
im just learing MySQL and PHP, so feel free to check out my thread in here for some noob mistakes and info. also, ill probably be posting my code eventually to prevent malicious scripts from being run.

gl. also, what is this for? (if you dont mind me askin)
I'm going to start doing some websites for a few places, and they are going to pay me to push their product online. I want to do everything from scratch, and I need to learn some php and mySQL in order to cut down the cost of paying a programmer to do some things...
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