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Default Re: Halo2-Vista Feedback Thread.

Well for the time being it would appear this game does indeed... suck balls, partly.
I picked it up at circuit city. The game does include the "play during install" feature and it seems to have worked but after I exited out after seeing what I saw I had no way to tell when the install finished but to feel when my DVD drive stopped spinning. O and it would not install off my older DVD drive but after I activated the game my older drive launches the game just fine. Anyway as you can see it looks like it's got a few graphical problems. I had everything on app controlled like I do with all first launches and later found if I set everything in the CP I didn't see any artifacts. After that the game does look decent. There are Press A and B buttons all over the place. When I first launched it I was confronted with an onslaught of Live account profile setup crap. So I gave it a name and exited out to play. Later when I tried to go back in, it would not not let me use the name I setup, prolly because I didn't fully register. I'll go on their little damn live website later to figure that out later. Also the installer would not create a folder I had to jump in and create the folder to install the game to. The game will not allow you to exit without saving your current spot and you can't go back to a prev level without erasing your current game. The video settings are pretty sad you get Rez, AA, LOD. O and my gaming experience may change during on line play.
So taking in to consideration all of the above, once I got to play a strait 30min of the game I have been sucked in by the stories presentation and plotline. In all honestly I would say it's worth it, it's fun and the graphics are not bad at all. It might just be my FPS addiction talking but I do indeed like it and will be posting again...tomorrow, I'll be up most of the night playing.

Messed up app controlled glitches, flahsing lines all over on MC, ships, some textures and Aliens. App control settings.
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