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Default Re: Nobody Wants EU Version Of Vista

Originally Posted by Ancient
When you uninstall an application in Linux does it also uninstall files that other applications might use?
This depends on if the shared libraries are provided by or depended by the program.

If the shared libs are provided, and other applications depend on them, then a dependency error will be displayed indicating that removal of this package will break other packages. The option is to remove those packages that depend on the shared libs provided by the package you wish to remove or you can forcefully remove the package inclusive of the shared libs (possibly breaking those that depend on the shared libs).

If the shared libs in question are depended upon by the program you want to remove then the program will be fully removed, inclusive of all configuration files, if the --purge option is given to dkpg (assuming we're using dpkg, not rpm).

Either way it doesn't give the user a warm-fuzzy effect while accomplishing nothing.
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