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Default Variance of nvidia drivers in 3dmark

Hello all,

This is a continuation from the "optimisation " thread but I have given it a new thread as I have finished my testing.

Extremetech claim 43.45 and / or 44.03 drivers from nvidia unduly increase performance in GT2 because :-

"Clearing the buffers (color and Z) involves writing zeros to all memory locations in the new back buffer and Z-buffer so that the GPU can begin drawing the next scene with a "clean slate." But since not all memory locations will contain visible pixels, parts of the buffers remain dirty -- based on the assumption that the camera's unvarying movement path won't catch the errors. The advantage to not clearing buffers is the bandwidth savings of avoiding those writes to memory. This frees up precious memory bandwidth to be working on other things, like texture/texel reads and writes of visible parts of the scenes"

Here's my results for a GF4 ( no Gt4 testing as I cannot run that game).

First set comparing GT2 to GT3 over several drivers to see if GT2 has anomolies for 43.45 and 44.03 pushing them higher than GT3

Second set is investigating the known 42.68 issue where GT1 was not fully drawn.

You can get a feel of the nvidia drivers over time if you examine both sets. It makes a fun evening in on these cold winter nights.

I didn't cheat on any of them, they are all legit, and I am happy to answer any questions if they are unclear, like " what the fook does that prove ? "


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