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Default Re: Nobody Wants EU Version Of Vista

Originally Posted by Ancient
I hear ya. I first installed Linux almost 10 years ago and literally spent hours and hours reading through manpages to learn how to configure this, that, and the other. I ended up becoming relatively proficient at it and it was a fun OS to get your geek on. Ultimately though it didn't suit my needs and didn't run many of the applications I used so I found myself booting into it less and less. Sure it was free and it was a throwback to the days when you had to stick your hands ion the configuration guts of the OS, which was fun in a nostalgic sort of way, but the time commitment factor just made it too much of a PITA. The saying "Linux is only free if your time is free" is all too true. And, imo, all this niggling about security and uninstalls is really nothing more than that - niggling.

As far as Vista N, I wonder if Gates doesn't mind spending a few hundred million so he can chuckle at the folly of the EU over the whole monopoly bruhaha?
Oddly enough I can cite similar experiences with Vista and the fact that things like tftp.exe and telnet.exe have been deemed unnecessary and lack inclusion into the product. I guess that falls in line with "guts of the OS"...
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