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Default Re: Nobody Wants EU Version Of Vista

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Why the hell would you use telnet? It is beyond obsolete. Try SSH instead. Besides, the windows telnet client is sh*tty, if you must have a telnet client then use putty, which also includes an even nicer SSH client.

Getting pissed off at windows not including telnet is like getting pissed off that the new house you bought doesn't include sh*t in its toilets, you just have to add your own.
Manual SMTP interaction: telnet [host] 25
Manual HTTP interaction: telnet [host] 80
Manual IMAP/POP interaction: telnet [host] 143/110
Basic port discovery (without need for netcat): telnet [host] [dport]

Many people dont' use telnet.exe only for telnet, to assume so is obtuse.
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