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Default Re: DVD Profiler 3.0

Hmm...that's cool. DVD Aficionado is tied into Amazon (I think) and lets you search for pretty much anything/everything released on DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD and add it to your list. You can make sublists and categorize as you please as well as view your collection by genre as defined by their source.

It's pretty nice and I like it since I don't have to manually enter each item I have. Say I wanted to add all 9 seasons of The X-Files...I just search of "X-files" and everything in its database that has that string comes up and you then choose which ones you have via checkbox, click "Add to _____" and add it to the list you want it to be on.

It's pretty slick but not as advanced as DVD Profiler. I know they're working on DVDA2.0 so maybe that'll have more of the functionality that profiler has.
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