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okay, let me summerize:
Yes, lets.

nvidia got busted cheating at 3dmark by extreme tech.
Not proven yet, we'll see what happens, shall we ? If a new driver set comes out and proves this, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here (ATI). If not, then it will shut up a lot of fanboys here. (NV)
Do you see ?

extreme tech gets hauled over the coals for sloppy journalism.
You call that journalism ? I call it pay back.

nvidia is yet to reply to extreme techs write up.
No talk needed. A driver is all that is needed.

everyone here is waiting to see what nvidia say...
No, only the ATI owners. The NVidia owners are waiting for drivers first, talk last.

let the spin begin...
Looks like you've already made up your narrow mind, no matter what the outcome.
There are always two sides to a fence. I'm sitting on it for now, but you've quite obviously taken one side, while telling yourself that the other side doesn't exist.
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