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Default Re: I think I have lost my mind . . .

Originally Posted by grey_1
Boot from your Vista dvd and select the repair option, it may take a couple times with reboots depending on how badly it's borked.
Done that, it needs drivers to repair my HDD, yet it can install Vista on my HDD without them lol.

Sounds like you are using crappy media possibly with a corrupt download, check the md5 against the iso.
See, the funny thing is that I downloaded the ISO when 7.04 came out and installed it perfectly fine. I know for a fact that the CD works, yet it doesn't boot up now.

Are you burning to dvd and trying to use cd-rom only?
Nope, just CD-R's, the way I've always done it.

What version of nero? & is much different from 6 for burning an image.
Dunno about Nero 6, but I'm dabbling with a trial version of Nero 7. I usually use the WinXP "Write These Files to CD" feature but even Nero won't work.
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