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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by einstein_314
First off, welcome to nvnews!!

I'd never thought of the effects of the weight of the heatsink. But I suppose that would make sense. The weight is trying to pry the heatsink off the chip and thus the top has less contact than the bottom. Whether it is significant enough to notice (you say this just a guess or a number you got from testing?) I dont' know.

But I will say that water is awesome on my chip. Maxes out at 59C. And idles around 35-42 depending on whether I turn down the fans on the radiator or not. Normally I run the fans at low (can't hear them at that setting) and the temps are fine for normal use. As soon as I start doing something CPU/GPU intense (like a game) I crank the fans.
Thanks for the welcome.

The 15C is from a 2 independent sources which doesn't make it scientific or statistically significant but makes one ponder the matter?

I was kind of hoping that water would cool me way down but your 59C on water seems high to me with you running at 3.2Ghz. I'm at 3.44Ghz -at idle its ~31C at orthos load ~55. 65C is the ceiling so we're not far from it.

Also, I'm trying to locate some empirical evidence comparing a good air setup to water. Do you know of any such studies? I see a lot of anecdotal fluff or cheapo air setups compared to water but nothing substantive.
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