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Default Re: Kentsfield/Quad-Core Overclocking Thread

Originally Posted by schuey74
An overclocked quad core and a GTX in the same loop is going to stress most watercooling setups, especially when you start bumping up the volts. If his GTX was off the loop his load temps would drop around five to seven degrees(c).
Thank you and good to know. I intend on only water cooling the CPU. I'm not stressing the 3 vcards and this 680i doesn't appear to need a ton of volts to keep things least as far as I've seen up to ~3.66Ghz. I would like to keep it running 24/7 at about 3.7-3.8Ghz.

Could you offer a guess at how much of a heat drop difference would arise between a 3-fan versus 2-fan rad setup would drop the temps? Would there be much of difference between say a Swiftech GT versus the GTX water block?
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